GoFit Massage Bar
GoFit Massage Bar
Item # 3130174000
Massage Bar - 18 Length

The GoFit Massage Bar is a great tool to awaken tired muscles pre-workout and to help knead aching muscles post workout. Also a great way to roll out sore spots, and tight muscles after working out, or sitting for long periods of time. No matter how hard your workout, run, ride, or play, the GoFit Massage Bar is a great way to relieve stress. Rejuvenate your body and muscles with the GoFit Massage Bar.

  • 18 length with with ergonomic shaped easy grip handles
  • Unique textured surface provides deep tissue massage to muscles and connective tissue
  • Extra firm roller bar provides deep tissue massage
  • Illustrated instruction book with exercises and massage techniques

Item No. 3130174

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