GoFit CrossFit-style Vinyl Medicine Ball - 16lbs
GoFit CrossFit-style Vinyl Medicine Ball - 16lbs
Item # 3149906000
The ultimate CrossFit training tool for endurance and muscle power

The GoFit Wall Ball increases the intensity of explosive, full body plyometric exercises that rapidly improves muscle power and overall conditioning. The GoFit Wall Ball is a High Intensity Training Tool because it challenges every movement in order to maximize fat burn and metabolic potential while strengthening core and lower back muscles. No matter what type of training, the GoFit Wall Ball is the ultimate tool and experience to have for strength, endurance, and condition training.

  • Heavy duty, vinyl exterior cover
  • Universal size - 13 diameter
  • Filler material provides even weight distribution and helps maintain overall shape
  • GoFit illustrated flip chart with exercises included
  • Weight of 16 lbs.

Item No. 3149906

Price $79.99