Empower Portable Pilates Studio w/ DVD
Empower Portable Pilates Studio w/ DVD
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The Empower Portable Pilates Studio lets you perform reformer-style movements without heavy equipment in the comfort of your own home. Perform a variety of movements by using two 30-inch power cords and attached foot straps. Bar disassembles for easy storage. This product includes an illustrated workout poster and follow along workout DVD.
About Empower: Empower unites fitness products and expertly designed workouts with wellness fundamentals to inspire women to lead healthy, active lives.

  • Lightweight and portable makes it easy to be used at home or in a personal training studio.
  • Can be used for Pilates training as well as upper body strength training.
  • New power cords are a safer alternative to resistance tubing.
  • Bar disassembles for easy storage.

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