8-Ounce Yoga Cleanser Spray
8-Ounce Yoga Cleanser Spray
Item # y1a7matcl8oz
Designed to keep your accessories clean disinfected and smelling fresh.

The folks at Dragonfly Yoga wanted to create a cleaning solution that not only smells nice and keeps your mat clean, but also one that is free from all toxic and harsh chemicals which can eventually destroy your yoga mat by breaking down it’s molecular construction. Hence the birth of the Dragonfly Yoga Mat Cleaner. Convenient spray bottle is small enough to pop in your yoga mat bag. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this mild soap will prolong the life of your mat and leave it smelling lemony fresh! There’s nothing worse than a musty, mildewy mat smell-bombing the studio, so keep a bottle handy everywhere you go.

  • Contains 8 oz. (237mL)
  • Effective yet non-toxic
  • Eco friendly
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Use it on your water-safe yoga props and accessories
  • 100% natural ingredients: water, citrus oil, and corn & potato starch-based non-ionic surfactants
  • Sweet lemon scent

Item No. y1a7matcl8oz

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