Marcy Smith Cage with Linear Bearings
Marcy Smith Cage with Linear Bearings
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Linear bearing Smith Cage System with Cable Crossover

The MD9010 from Impex Fitness features an all in one professional workout system whose design goal is the strengthening of every major muscle group. The included Smith style press bar features sealed ball bearings that offer the smoothest motion while performing your bench and leg press exercises. Made with 2" x 2.75" and 2" 14 gauge square steel tubing, the MD 9010 is loaded with strength improving features which include the independent motion upper pulley cable crossover system, the independent motion vertical butterfly and the low pulley with row plate that work off of a plate loaded pulley system (weight plates not included). The angled front frame mirrors the natural body movement when performing Smith style exercises. Six weight plate posts allow you to store weight plates when not in use. This system will also accommodate an independent 7' weight bar for "traditional" bench press and leg press exercises (bar not included) for those so inclined. A full featured independent workout bench is also included and features an adjustable seat and back pad which operates on an adjustable pop pin sliding track that properly places the exerciser in decline, flat, incline and military press positions. A dual function leg developer allows for leg curls and leg extensions which utilizes the plate loaded post (weights not included). The pivot point on the leg developer aligns with knee joints for proper and safe exercise. An adjustable height preacher curl pad offers comfort while performing bicep curl exercises. Attachments for the MD9010 include a shiver bar, ankle strap, link chains, two handles and a tricep rope. Includes a manufacturer's 2 year limited warranty.

  • All in one feature rich linear smith machine with cable crossover
  • Smith style press bar with sealed linear bearings and safety stops
  • Off the floor design allows for increased overall stability
  • Independent motion upper pulley cable crossover design
  • Independent motion vertical butterfly
  • Low pulley with row foot plate support
  • Adjustable bar catches
  • Six Olympic weight plate storage posts
  • Akimbo style uprights with chrome plated striker plates
  • Independent workout bench
  • Dual function leg developer with pivot point that aligns with knee joints
  • Adjustable height preacher curl pad
  • Adjustable seat and back pad operates on a slide track that properly places the exerciser in the correct posture for military and chest press exercises
  • Detachable bicep curl bar
  • Contoured foam roller pads
  • Accommodates 7' Olympic size weight bar (sold separately)
  • Steel Tubing - 2" x 2.75" and 2" 14 gauge square tubing
  • Upholstery - boxed construction with high density foam and two-tone vinyl design
  • Cables - aircraft rated at 2000lb tensile strength
  • pulleys - 3.75" nylon reinforced with sealed bearings.
  • Guide Rods - 1" chrome plated
  • Finish - Durable powder coat
  • Accessories - Shiver bar, ankle strap, link chains, two handles, and tricep rope
  • Manufacturer's 2 year limited warranty

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