Polar FT4 Male Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Polar FT4 Male Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Item # 3039726000
Designed for those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple. The FT4 shows when you're improving fitness based on your heart rate.

The FT4 displays calories burned through the comfortable, coded heart rate transmitter, that prevents cross-talk between other monitors. The FT4 uses your information to create automatic target zones to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

  • Display of heart rate, exercise time, and average heart rate
  • 24-hour clock with day/week indicator and stopwatch
  • Large easy-to-read display with split screen
  • One-year average battery life
  • Water resistant to 30 meters (100 feet)
  • Zone Pointer: A visible and audible feature on the display of your heart rate monitor showing your target heart rate zone and where your current heart rate is within that zone.
  • Polar OwnCal: Shows your energy expenditure during one exercise session as well as your accumulated kilocalories during several exercise sessions. You can set daily and weekly exercise goals in terms of calorie expenditure with the OwnCal feature. Because the OwnCal tracks both the energy expenditure during one exercise session and the accumulated kilocalories during a longer time (e.g. one week), it helps in achieving both short-term and long-term goals.
  • Fitness Bullets: Shows a bullet on the monitor's display for every 10 minutes spent exercising/training in your target heart rate zone. The Time in Target Zone feature calculates the amount of total exercise time spent in your personal target zone.

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