Cytomax Performance Drink Cool Citrus 1.5 lb.
Cytomax Performance Drink Cool Citrus 1.5 lb.
Item # 3016831000
The Sports Drink the Pro’s Really Use™.

Studies show that after three hours of intense exercise, athletes drinking Cytomax® perform better; acid levels are lower, reducing cramping and post-workout soreness, while promoting re-hydration, strength and improved endurance. Cytomax® Performance Drink is made with a unique blend of Alpha-L-PolyLactate™, complex carbohydrates, and electrolytes for an optimal energy supply. Compared to any other nutrient supplement available, Alpha-L-PolyLactate™ delivers energy faster, fuels the body more optimally, and better protects it from acid build up.Features

  • Beats the Burn
  • Steady Energy
  • Muscle Power Output
  • Blood Glucose Homeostasis
  • Cell Protection
  • Cellular Balance
  • Optimal Osmoality

Item No. 3016831

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