Step 4 Pedometer
Step 4 Pedometer
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MIO STEP 4 is part of MIO’s new line of pedometers. Not only will this pedometer track your steps, distance and calories, but it will analyze your body fat % for immediate biofeedback. Storing up to 5 users in memory,

MIO Step 4 pedometer has a body fat analyzer that will provide you with immediate biofeedback.Did you know that taking 10,000 steps in a day is approximately equal to burning 500 calories? Burning 500 calories a day, seven days a weeks equals 3500 calories which is equivalent to losing one pound of weight. The MIO Step 4 pedometer will assist you in reaching your weight loss or fitness goals while helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just clip your MIO Step 4 pedometer onto your belt, pocket, bag etc and start walking!


  • Calculates % of Body Fat based on user data - age, gender, weight, height and sensors
  • Stores 5 users in memory so the whole family can use the pedometer
  • Accurately records steps, distance walked and calories burned
  • Flashlight included
  • 1 Year Manufacturer warranty

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