GoFit Pro Stability Ball- 55cm
GoFit Pro Stability Ball- 55cm
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Professional grade core stability ball with core performance DVD, pump, ball plugs & exercise poster.

Get the commercial-grade exercise ball designed with advanced technology. Workout with confidence using our superior, GoFit Pro Ball, featuring super thick walls constructed to perform with maximum durability, designed for commercial fitness use. Follow the professionally-developed exercises, using the included Core Performance instructional DVD to significantly improve your core stability, balance and strength.

GoFit's Exercise Balls are scientifically weight-tested by a professional, independant lab to ascertain weight limits at full air capacity. Through this process we determine durability levels to help you choose the best Exercise Ball for your specific level of use. The GoFit Pro Ball is Weight-Rated up to 2500-pounds (static weight capacity). This Exercise Ball is ideal for commercial use as well as a home fitness program.

    available in the following sizes: (maximum diameter):
  • 55 CM Recommended for person 5' to 5'- 5
  • 65 CM Recommended for person 5'-6 to 6'
  • 75 CM Recommended for person 5'-11 and above

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