GoFit Stretch Rope
GoFit Stretch Rope
Item # 3130176000
Stretch Rope - 9 ft. length

The GoFit Stretch Rope combined with the included Training Manual will help increase flexibility in tight muscles. By reprogramming muscles to contract and relax through a range of new motions, the GoFit Stretch Rope will help relieve tension and soreness throughout your body, and help alleviate associated aches and pains. Increased muscle and body flexibility will add to your sense of well being. Rejuvenate your body with the GoFit Stretch Rope.

  • 9 ft. long rope has a soft feel and provides a secure grip
  • Stretches and lengthens muscles
  • Illustrated instruction book included with exercise suggestions
  • Perfect for body rejuvenation

Item No. 3130176

Price $14.99