GoFit Core Wedge for Sit-ups & Planks - Black
GoFit Core Wedge for Sit-ups & Planks - Black
Item # 3149896000
Core Wedge for Sit-ups & Planks-Black

The Gofit Core Wedge simply helps you target your abs and core more comfortably and effectively while providing critical back support. By helping you get full range of motion to work your entire abdominal muscle group. Ideal for Cross Fit and High Intensity Training - the GoFIt Core Wedge isolates upper / lower abs, obliques and lower back muscles. The safe comfortable design contoured to your lower back will provide support and help prevent injury. One size fits all - no height and weight differences between users.

  • Contour design, ergonomically fits the curve of your back
  • Firm cushion provides back support
  • Vinyl material over durable construction core
  • Bottom gripper material anchors the Core Wedge during exercise to prevent slipping
  • One size fits all
  • Compact portable design
  • Cleans easily with a damp cloth

Item No. 3149896

Price $24.99