SPRI 10# Dual Grip Xerball
SPRI 10# Dual Grip Xerball
Item # 3178943000
Dual-handle, easy-grip medicine balls provide plenty of med ball training options.

They are the perfect choice for performing rotational abdominal exercises, upper extremity cross-body patterns, lower body dynamic and locomotor drills, and explosive two-handle sport movement activities. Get a better tennis or golf swing or improve your upper and core fitness with this versatile weighted fitness and exercise ball, featuring dual grips for added versatility. Available in your choice of weight options, the ball is finished in black and is also great for aerobic or lower body toning and strengthening. Easy grip weighted ball is ideal for abdominal and rotational motions . Lower body movement drills and wide range of single handed . Two handed exercises including golf swings and tennis strokes

  • Dual handle medicine ball
  • Easy grip vFor rotational abdominal exercises
  • Lower body dynamic drills
  • Two-handle sport movement
  • 10 pounds

Item No. 3178943

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