Lifeline Power Push-Up Plus
Lifeline Power Push-Up Plus
Item # 3190568000
Power Push-up Plus is more effective than using a bench press

If you think push-ups are effective, wait until you try them with the added intensity of the Lifeline Power Push-up Plus, which offers up to 90 lbs. of resistance. In addition to push-ups and resisted punches, it can also be used to add intensity to lunges, squats, body rows and more. Sculpt your arms, chest, back, and core with dynamic power push-ups; Improve your speed, power and technique of your punches; Open up your chest and shoulders to improve range of motion. Want a more challenging full-body workout? Simply adjust the strap length or change the cables to add more resistance instantly.

  • 2 premium push-up handles
  • 2 18” R3 Cables
  • Fully adjustable, comfortable strap complete with numbered markings
  • Instructional Workout DVD featuring fitness expert Jon Hinds, CSCS, CPT

Item No. 3190568

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