Empower Fusion Fit Disc
Empower Fusion Fit Disc
Item # 3184469000
Distinctive and dynamic, this product's sleek design supports medicine ball, kettlebell, or dumbbell functionality and endless possibilities of use as both a cardio and strength training tool.

The one tool for a total body workout! The Fusion Fit Disc provides an invigorating muscle conditioning, cardio, and core workout with one compact tool. This boredom-busting routine features intense 45-second intervals that fuse toning, cardio, and core training to burn tons of calories!

  • Comfortable and ergonomic shell is easy to grip and soft on hands
  • 7lb weighted disc is perfect for both cardio and strength workouts
  • Can be used to do kettlebell/medicine ball/and dumbbell moves
  • 30 minute workout combines 45 second intervals of cardio core and strength with bonus abs section
  • Includes the Fit Disc and DVD and Workout Guide

Item No. 3184469

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