Trigger Point Total Body Kit
Trigger Point Total Body Kit
Item # 3137926000
The Total Body Package is the newest and most comprehensive Trigger Point Performance package available.

This combination of in-depth educational DVDs and premium self massage tools is designed to be an all-encompassing practical guide that allows you to learn the safest and most effective way to use Trigger Point’s quality deep tissue massage tools. By following along the precise, yet simple, education included with this package, you will easily master Trigger Point Performance’s innovative MCT (Myofascial Compression Technique) methodology along 12 key areas of the body starting with the lower leg. Through understanding your movement and need for overall muscular health, you can quickly incorporate the correct application of deep tissue massage. Discover the 12 areas of the body to focus on as well as the exact massage approach needed to get the greatest rate of return within the least amount of time.

  • Six premium Trigger Point Performance tools for deep tissue massage
  • Updated step-by-step product education covered in two-disc set & 44 page booklet
  • Safe and efficient way to help alleviate muscle tension and restore healthy biomechanics
  • Empowering programming designed for self application
  • Durable materials, travel friendly

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