Rip:60 Adjustable Power Pack
Rip:60 Adjustable Power Pack
Item # 3120958000
Add resistance to all of your workouts with the versatile Power Pack from Rip:60. With a focus on added resistance training, you are sure to burn more calories, tone faster, and get results quicker with the Adjustable Power Pack from Rip:60.

Take your deep side lunges to a whole new level! This Power Pack is capable of adjusting from 5 to 20 lbs. and comes with curved weights that can easily be added or removed to alter your workout. The weights are shaped to stay in place with the curvature of the bag while you are lifting, swinging or wearing the Power Pack. The Power Pack was made to comfortably be held in many different ways. Rip up your workout with the Power Pack.

  • 20lb Adjustable Weighted Bag
  • Multiple Grip Points for a Variety of Workouts
  • Contains 5 Weight Packets Weighing 3lbs Each
  • Adjusts from 5-20lbs
  • 60-day Workout Program Includes: DVD, Digital 60-day Workout Calendar, Digital Nutrition Guide, and Digital Exercise Chart

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