Rip:60 TriFlex Push Up Exerciser
Rip:60 TriFlex Push Up Exerciser
Engage your core and get the sculpted chest, arms, and back you want with this innovative push up training tool from Rip:60.

Engage more muscle for more definition with the Rip:60™ TriFlex™ Push-Up Stand. The curved design creates an unstable surface for maximum muscle activation in every push-up. Plus, the handles adjust to both a wide and narrow grip accommodating different exercises and levels of intensity. With every push-up you'll grow stronger, more ripped and one step closer to the body you want.

  • Push Up Exerciser
  • Handles Adjust from Wide to Narrow Grip
  • Rounded Platform for Core Training
  • Included Instructional DVD and Exercise Chart

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Price Reg: $24.99
Sale: $18.70