Women's Genie Snowboard 145
Women's Genie Snowboard 145
Item # 3123319002
There's nothing wrong with being easy.

Like stepping on a magic carpet, the Genie silences your fears, magically teaching balance and board control from the first time you strap in. Easy Rider combines a soft, forgiving flex with a convex base for a virtually-catch free riding experience, while the NEW Flat Top provides a stable platform that's easy to turn. The easiest board out there, the Genie is perfect for aspiring riders looking to build a foundation before moving on to a more performance-oriented deck like the Lux or Feather.

  • Double Chair Package
  • BEND: NEW Flat Top with Easy Rider
  • SHAPE: Twin
  • FLEX: Twin
  • CORE: Women's-Specific True Flex Fly® Core
  • BASE: Extruded
  • Easy Rider Edge Tune

Item No. 3123319002

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