Mares X-Vision Mid-size Mask - Black
Mares X-Vision Mid-size Mask - Black
Item # 3156042000
Ready to view the sights with spotless clarity, this mid-size mask features angled lenses for an optimized underwater panorama.

The Mares X-Vision Mid-size Mask boasts a comfortable and convenient design for no-slip wear on extended dives. This adjustable silicone mask sports angled tempered glass windows for a heightened viewing experience and unlimited scenic clarity under water. Made with mid-size construction, this mask is appropriate for young water adventures or experienced divers with narrow faces. Adjustable and ergonomic buckles ensure secure placement for a long-lasting comfortable fit.

  • 2 Tempered glass windows
  • Bi-silicone technology
  • Angles windows for enhanced peripherals
  • Small ribs distribute pressure for comfortable wear
  • Quick-adjust buckles
  • Anti-shock bumper
  • Accommodates optical lenses
  • Appropriate for young divers and divers with narrow faces

Item No. 3156042

Price $62.00