Tom Harrison Maps Pt Reyes South
Tom Harrison Maps Pt Reyes South
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Scale 1:67,320 80 ft contours. Palomarin, Bass Lake, Alamere Falls, Wildcat Camp, Glen Camp, Olema Valley, five Brooks. Bear Valley, Coast Trail, Mt Wittenberg, Sky Camp, and Bolinas Ridge.
Harison maps are full-color, shaded-relief topo maps for kiking, backpacking, and mountain biking in Parks, Forests, and Wilderness areas of California. Maps are printed on waterproof, tear-resitant plastic paper. Features: UTM grids; Latitude-Longitude markings; mileage between trail junctions; campgrounds; gorup camps& RV camps;Iterpretive trails; 4wd roads. Trail Maps are suitable for trail travel; Recreation Maps are suitable for general travel.
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