LEKI Women's Jannu Trekking Pole Pair
LEKI Women's Jannu Trekking Pole Pair
Item # 3188076000
A tough yet affordable trekking pole pair for the female hiker with the super durable Aergon soft rubber grips.

The Jannu, for female hikers, has the intelligent overall design of an excellent all-round pole. That's what makes it light, thin, stable but still extremely comfortable. The Jannu, made from high-quality aluminum features an Aergon Soft Rubber grip and the innovative Speed Lock system for a hiking experience that's simply unparalleled.

  • New Ultralight Skin Strap Features:
  • Air-Textured Polyester achieves the same tensile strength as nylon but with finer softer threads
  • Excellent moisture management expels water to surface for faster drying
  • Excellent seam strength- woven strap from wide to narrow does not fray
  • Low stitch profile provides excellent abrasion resistance
  • Soft and cool to the touch for all day comfort
  • UV resistant
  • Pole Features:
  • Ultralite Series-Short Aluminum Shafts (3-Sections 16mm/14mm/12mm)
  • SpeedLock External Lock System
  • Positive Angle AERGON Ergosoft Compact Grip
  • Carbide Flextip
  • Interchangeable Basket System
  • 19.6 oz /pair
  • Length: 64-125cm

Item No. 3188076

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