Coleman Hyperflame Gladiator PPN 2BRN Stove
Coleman Hyperflame Gladiator PPN 2BRN Stove
Item # 3199961000
Avoid messy campsite cooking with this portable stove, equipped with two burners and a removable grate so it can be used as a stove or grill.
You won't have to rely on your campfire to cook when you bring this Coleman Hyperflame Gladiator PPN 2 Burner Stove. The extra-large surface functions as a stove, grill or both to make cooking outdoors a breeze. The Hyperflame technology of this camping stove cuts boil time in half, helping you get a home-cooked meal faster and with less propane. With a removable grate and aluminized cooktop, this Coleman stove is made to last and clean up quickly.


• Full-size cooking space
• Removable grate and aluminized cooktop
• Two 12,000 BTU burners
• 16.4 oz Propane cylinder
• Hyperflame burner technology
• Instastart
• Windblock pan supports
• Runs up to 1 hour on high
• Supports up to two 12 pots
Price $149.99