Coleman Propane Stove EI
Coleman Propane Stove EI
Convenient and reliable, the Coleman 2-Burner InstaStart PerfectFlow Stove is a trustworthy choice for camping, backpacking, and any time you want to cook outdoors.

This stove offers 22,000 BTUs in two high-performance burners that adjust individually from simmer to full boil, for perfect outdoor cooking. Coleman's InstaStart ignition provides easy push-button lighting, so you can leave the matches at home. The stove features a heavy-duty nickel chrome grate that's rust-resistant and easy to remove and clean. The built-in WindBlock System shields the burners for maximum heat - or fold them down to make a convenient side table. Coleman's PerfectFlow pressure-control system ensures consistent cooking performance, even in cold weather, at high altitudes, and when fuel is low.

  • BTU: Two 11,000-BTU burners
  • PerfectFlow™: Pressure-control system
  • WindBlock™: Wind shielding system for maximum heat
  • PerfectHeat™: Technology for burner efficiency & optimal product life
  • InstaStart™: Matchless lighting system
  • Color - Silver / Black
  • Dimensions: 21″L X 12.8″W X 4.25″H

Item No. 3078184

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