Solid Fuel 12 pc x 14g
Solid Fuel 12 pc x 14g
Item # 1860030012
Solid fuel used for cooking and heating up food and beverages

Use these fuel tablets for your Esbit stove or other folding stoves. Esbit makes the original German-made Solid Fuel Tablets that are virtually smokeless and odorless.?The imitations will not perform the same.?Generates up to 1400?F of intense heat, providing about?12 min. useable burn time per cube.

  • Used to cook and heat up food and beverages - can also be used to start campfires and grills
  • Includes 12 tablets that are individually packed in waterproof packaging
  • Large (14g) cubes/tablets burn approximately 12 minutes
  • 12 pc x 114g
  • Weight-packaged: 6.5 oz., 184g

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