Misty 8 oz Personal Mister
Misty 8 oz Personal Mister
Item # 3080309000
The World's Most Advanced Personal Mister

Over 10 years of engineering and development yielded the Misty 8, part of the latest fleet of personal misters from MistyMate, with an all-new cutting-edge design years ahead of its time The Misty 8 delivers ultimate micro-misting performance to keep you cool anytime in the sun or sand. This next generation hand-held personal mister has no motorized parts and requires no batteries. Instead, it pressurizes by hand to deliver a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist on command.


  • Pressurizes easily with built-in hand pump
  • Features integrated valve for switching "on" the mist
  • Pressure gauge allows you to regulate pressure inside the bottle
  • Fits in standard cup holders on a golf cart, treadmill, boat, bicycle etc.

Item No. 3080309

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