Lodge Mfg. Logic 5 Piece Set
Lodge Mfg. Logic 5 Piece Set
Item # 3085098000
5 Piece Set includes 10-1/2 round griddle, 8 skillet, 10 1/4 skillet, 5 qt. Dutch oven and 10 1/4 iron cover. Iron cover fits both 10 1/4 skillet and Dutch oven.
When it comes to quality, no other cast iron cookware is made to our strict standards. The marriage of our metal, our molds and our finish, produces the very best cast iron cookware. Patterns are pressed into the sand and the molten iron is poured into the resulting cavity. As the iron cools to its solid state and becomes a cooking utensil, the sand mold is broken apart. The sand is cleaned off the utensil. It is then smoothed, seasoned and packed for shipment.

  • American Made Since 1896
  • America's original cast iron
  • Seasoned with a soy-base vegetable oil

Item No. 3085098

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