Rome S'more Maker
Rome S'more Maker
Item # 3110172000
An easy and fun way to toast s'mores over a campfire. Makes 3 at a time.

The S'more Maker is a fun and practical way to make tasty s'mores over a campfire. Simply place the graham cracker, marshmallow & chocolate sandwich inside the chrome plated steed pockets and cook over the fire until the toasted. The S'more maker is made from chrome plated steel and is 29 length. Great fun for the family and a wonderful birthday party idea for the kids. Another original from outdoor specialist, Rome Industries.

  • Cook 3 s'mores at a time
  • Gooey marshmallows & chocolate treats are easy to make
  • Perfect for campfires or backyard cookouts
  • 29 overall length
  • Chrome plated steel construction
  • Made by Rome

Item No. 3110172

Price $7.99