Igloo Sport 1/2 Gallon Cooler with Hooks
Igloo Sport 1/2 Gallon Cooler with Hooks
Item # 3184881000
The Sport 1/2 Gallon Beverage cooler features hooks that swing up for easy hanging on game field fences
  • Fully insulated beverage cooler keeps beverages cold for the entire game, workout or other event
  • Leak-resistant design prevents spills during transport if tipped
  • Cool Riser Technology™ elevates cooler from hot surfaces for improved cooling performance
  • Sturdy swing-up handle for easy carrying – folds down for storage
  • Flip-cap folds back and out of way during use – wide opening allows for easy flow of beverages
  • BPA-free!

Item No. 3184881

Price $6.99