DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator
DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator
Item # 3168853000
The inReach SE two way satellite communicator enables you to send and receive text messages, trigger an SOS for help, and track your GPS coordinates, wherever your trip takes you.

The inReach SE keeps you connected when off the grid and outside of cell phone range. Features an on-board color screen and a virtual keyboard to send & receive free-form text and email messages.

  • 2-way interactive SOS. Broadcast to emergency dispatch SOS alerts with automatic GPS location tracking. Custom 2-way text messaging directly with the emergency response center to describe your situation in detail, improve emergency response, and stay in touch for mutual status updates.
  • 2-way text/email messaging. Send and receive 160 character free-form text messages to and from cellular phones, email contacts, and other inReach users. View incoming messages directly on screen.
  • Send InReach messages. Send simple, predefined text messages to email and cell phone contacts for anticipated situations.
  • 2-way tracking. Broadcast your GPS tracking waypoints in real-time and share your breadcrumb trail with friends and family via DeLorme’s Internet-based Map Share page. Tracking waypoints report GPS location, speed, heading, and elevation.
  • Remotely initiated pinging and tracking allow friends and family back home to locate the inReach user’s location upon demand.
  • Delivery confirmation on all messages sent via built in LED and icon indicators to ensure maximum reliability
  • The device is waterproof, dust proof (IP-67), and impact-resistant (Mil STD 810F) for maximum durability

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