Rejuvenation Hand Renewal Kit
Rejuvenation Hand Renewal Kit
Item # 3059890000
Effective, convenient and easy to use kit to improve strength and increase flexibility in your fingers, hands and forearms. Includes three balls with 3 different levels of firmness to increase resistance as you gain strength in your hand.

Rejuvenation Hand Renewal Kit helps strengthen and increase flexibility in fingers, hands and forearms to help facilitate in every day activities. Soft, medium and firm resistance with 3 different balls in one easy to use kit allows you to choose the appropriate firmness based on the strength of your hand or the severity of the injury. The kit includes an instructional chart detailing 8 different exercise options to use with your hand exerciser.

  • Kit provides 3 different levels of firmness depending on the strength of your hand and the severity of the injury
  • Strengthen and rehab hands, wrists & forearms
  • Prevent stiffness to assist in every day activities
  • Also can be used to alleviate stress
  • Includes instructional chart with 8 exercise options

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