Aqua Lung SureLock™II Weight System - 10 lbs
Aqua Lung SureLock™II Weight System - 10 lbs
Item # 3090208000
This attachable weight is easy to insert and remove so you can discover new depths.

The Aqua Lung SureLock™II Weight System offers unencumbered exploration at depth. Easy to insert into a variety of buoyancy compensators, this attachable weight has a manual release for convenient control. Simply pull back the handle to release the extra weight from your rig. Integrated grommets keep your Deep See knife close by, while adjustable D-rings offer even more options.

  • Easily attach additional weight into BC rig pocket
  • Bolts directly onto WTX harness
  • Manual release with handle pull
  • Mounts to backplate with SureLock™ attachments
  • 2 Stainless adjustable D-rings
  • Grommets can carry a Deep See knife
  • Compatible with Aqua Lung Pearl, Pearl i3, Dimension i3, Lotus i3, Balance and Libra BCs
  • Weight: 10 lbs

Item No. 3090208

Price $24.99