Cressi Lama Apnea Knife
Cressi Lama Apnea Knife
Item # 3164106000
Lama Apnea is a slim, super low profile knife with a secure quick release system that prevents accidental loss.

There are two release points on either side of the sheath that need to be pressed simultaneously for release, preventing accidental and unintentional release. This is a very low profile knife, great for freediving and spearfishing. Constructed with an ergonomic, soft, low profile rubber handle and a tempered stainless steel corrosion resistant blade. The point is sharp enough to dispatch your catch quickly and humanely, while still contains a line cutter, and a serrated edge for cutting burly in the water. Handle also has a built in hole for safety lanyard attachment. Knife can be securely attached to weight belt, arm or leg using the ARA attachment kit.

  • Super low profile
  • Secure release system preventing accidental loss
  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Blade
  • Serrated edge and line cutter

Item No. 3164106

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