Gear Keeper Locking Console Package
Gear Keeper Locking Console Package
Item # 3055696000
This locking console retractor withstands the harshest underwater conditions to keep your console safe and secure at all times. Gear up for a better, smarter dive.

The Trident Gear Keeper Locking Console Package lets you connect your console to your belt or D-ring for easy access. Always ready for use, the Quick Connect II attachment lets you disconnect your console quickly. This console retractor comes with both a lanyard and split ring, so you can attach your console in the easiest way for you. The flushing system keeps environmental contaminants out, while the entire mechanism withstands salt and chlorine for extended underwater use.

  • Snap clip and bracket mount attach to a D-ring or BCD
  • Locks on land and releases in the water for a streamlined, resistance-free dive
  • Durable nylon line with Kevlar core
  • Quick Connect II with split ring and lanyard attachments to hold your console
  • Flushing system keeps contaminants out
  • Appropriate for salt water and chlorine
  • Force: 24 oz.
  • Extension: 32

Item No. 3055696

Price $27.99