Trident Mini Gear Keeper Console Pack
Trident Mini Gear Keeper Console Pack
Item # 3055697000
Designed to keep you console securely in place, this gear keeper pack includes lanyard and split ring extensions for flexible gear attachment.

The Trident Mini Gear Keeper Console Pack offers optimal underwater convenience. The short extensions allow for ideal console placement, while diving accessories can been looped through the split ring or lanyard. Easily attaching to a D-ring or BCD, this gear keeper pack comes in a mini size for interference-free access to your necessary items.

  • Compact gear retractor with stud and snap closure
  • Lanyard with prong end
  • Split ring with prong end
  • Attaches to D-ring or BCD
  • Nylon-covered stainless steel won't corrode in salt water or chlorine
  • Force: 24 oz.
  • Extension: 18

Item No. 3055697

Price $21.99