Trident Color Safety Wrist Lanyard - Black
Trident Color Safety Wrist Lanyard - Black
Item # 3090451000
Built with a latex loop for comfortable hand entry, this wrist lanyard lets you maneuver underwater with freer mobility.

Ensuring necessary items are always nearby, the Trident Color Safety Wrist Lanyard helps transport smaller gear underwater. This wrist lanyard leaves your hands free for a more comfortable dive while still securing items through the nylon line. The barrel lock design allows for a custom fit while the flexible latex loop makes this lanyard simple to put on and take off.

  • Nylon line connects to flexible latex loop
  • Allows for hands-free mobility
  • Simple hand entry
  • Personalized fit with barrel lock design
  • Line easily attaches to belongings or accessories

Item No. 3090451

Price $2.99