Trident Deluxe California Lobster Kit 2
Trident Deluxe California Lobster Kit 2
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Everything you need to get your Lobsters!

    California Lobster Diving DVD:
  • California Lobster Diving is the inside guide to the secrets of successful lobster hunting!
  • A video about the adventure and excitement of lobster diving. It takes you on actual dives into the kelp forests of the Northern Channel Islands to hunt for the California Spiny Lobster.
  • Provides information on lobster biology as well as habitats
  • Find out what equipment you need and what to buy
  • Comprehensive list of rules and regulations
  • Lists locations as well as providing aerial views
  • Learn different hunting techniques
  • Where to hunt for lobsters
  • Lists numerous cooking preparation methods
  • 46 minutes run length

    LED Glow Stick
  • High Intensity LED Light with Long Burn Time & Bulb Life
  • Maximum Depth: 330 feet (100 meters) - Approximate Lamp Life: 50,000 Hours
  • Comes with 3 Batteries LR44 - Approximate Burn Time: 50 Hours

    Lobster Gauge
  • Approximately 3 ï¾¼ inch Aluminum Lobster Gauge

    Lobster Bag
  • Nylon Top, Mesh Bottom
  • Collection Bag with D-Ring
  • 22” x 26”

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