Cressi Geronimo 2 90 Speargun
Cressi Geronimo 2 90 Speargun
Item # 3164083000
The GERONIMO is a gun that can perform in almost any situation, from the shallows and rocks and structure to deeper water for larger species.

The GERONIMO can be customized in just about any configuration desired, from adding multiple bands, changing band length and/or diameter, changing shaft diameter, using either notched or finned shafts or adding the CRESSI vertical reel to the GERONIMO's built in dovetail reel mount. The Open muzzle allows for quick loading while the ergonomic handle, grip and fully adjustable trigger allow for a quick aim and smooth trigger pull. The Geronimo is a gun that can be used anywhere, from the shallows to the deep water and is available in 60cm, 75cm, 90cm and 100cm.

  • Heavy Duty Anodized Barrel with built in Rail for smooth and straight shaft tracking
  • Fully customizable and upgradable Band System
  • Ergonomic molded Handle for easier maneuverability with fully adjustable trigger
  • Open Muzzle for quick loading and aiming
  • Advanced Tahitian Style Flopper Shaft for superior penetration

Item No. 3164083

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