Cressi Eyes Evolution Mask - Green
Cressi Eyes Evolution Mask - Green
Item # 3164076000
The EYES EVOLUTION has very low internal volume and an inverted teardrop lens design, which gives this mask maximum visibility and ultra low volume, and was specifically designed for deep freediving and spearfishing.

Its exceptionally low internal volume allows for absolute minimal effort to equalize this mask at greater depths. The allergy free black silicone skirt protects the divers eyes from unwanted back glare and distraction while spearfishing and will fit a large variety of face types. The mask strap and buckles are easily manageable even when wearing neoprene gloves.

  • Specifically designed for Deep Freediving and Spearfishing
  • Low internal volume allows the diver less effort to equalize
  • Black allergy free Silicone Skirt to prevent back reflection
  • Large tempered patented raking angled Glass Lenses provide an excellent field of vision
  • Swivel Buckles & Straps and soft Silicone Strap for extremely comfortable fit
  • Available in Black or Green

Item No. 3164076

Price $89.95