Sherwood Allure Reg Framed Mask
Sherwood Allure Reg Framed Mask
Item # 3155530000
This scuba mask has a wide frame with unique reverse-teardrop lenses to maximize your field of vision under the surf.

Bring the underwater world to life with the Sherwood Scuba Allure Mask. This scuba mask is made with high-quality tempered glass for enhanced clarity and light transmission. The wide frame keeps your surroundings in view, while the strategic ridges and silicone skirt create a soft and secure seal on your face. Designed with a quick-adjust buckle, you can customize the fit of this mask for long-lasting natural wear on your aquatic adventure.

  • 2 Tempered glass windows
  • Wide frame and reverse-teardrop lens for maximum field of view
  • Crystal Clear lens for exceptional clarity
  • Comfortable silicone skirt
  • Adjustable buckle for a custom fit

Item No. 3155530

Price $70.00