Mares Ergo Splash Snorkel - Black
Mares Ergo Splash Snorkel - Black
Item # 3156081000
This anti-splash snorkel prevents water entry from impeding your favorite watersport while keeping you fueled for long-lasting adventure.

Preventing water entry at the top, the Mares Ergo Splash snorkel ensures uninterrupted breathing for a safer snorkeling experience. A flexible lower tube gives this anti-splash snorkel fluid mobility, allowing air flow to move freely at any angle. The comfortable silicone mouthpiece drops down when not in use while an easy purge valve system makes for efficient clearing of any unwanted water

  • Anti-splash design prevents water entry
  • Ergonomic contour eliminates drag
  • Lower corrugated flex tube
  • Purge valve system
  • Comfortable drop-down mouthpiece

Item No. 3156081

Price $27.00