Body Glove 3mm Free Dive Hood - Gray
Body Glove 3mm Free Dive Hood - Gray
Delivering durable protection for cold water free dives, this hood lets you explore underwater treasures with effortless style.

The Body Glove 3mm Free Dive Hood delivers exceptional insulation for cold water free dives through a 6.5mm plush construction. Crafted to maintain body warmth, this hood features a tuck-under nylon bib which easily accommodates various wetsuits for versatile water exploration. This anatomically cut hood allows trapped air to escape via vents located at the top while additional Lycra trim lets you to navigate the depths in comfort. Innovative Vaporlock seams prevent cold water entry, allowing for a durable, fearless dive into new territory.

  • Made for cold water dives
  • Anatomically cut for a better fit
  • 6.5mm plush construction at the head
  • Flexible Lycra edges
  • Cooling air vents at the top
  • Tuck-under bib accommodates your wetsuit
  • Smooth Vaporlock seams

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