Aqua Lung ATX40 Regulator
Aqua Lung ATX40 Regulator
Item # 3106767000
This high-performance regulator has a fully-balanced first and second stage that lets you explore even the coldest depths in comfort.

The Aqua Lung ATX40 Regulator has a dry-sealed first stage to keep environmental contaminants out, while the pneumatically-balanced second stage uses a valve heat exchange for excellent cold water performance. The diver-controlled venturi stops unwanted air flow when not in use. Made with an ergonomic design, this regulator has a comfortable mouthpiece to reduce jaw discomfort on your extended adventures.

  • Over-balanced first stage for deep exploration
  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage with innovative heat exchanging technology
  • 4 Medium pressure ports and 1 high pressure port
  • Dry seal prevents contaminant entry
  • Ergonomic design with diver-controlled venturi
  • Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue
  • Suitable for cold waters

Item No. 3106767

Price $465.00