Aqua Lung Legend Octopus
Aqua Lung Legend Octopus
Item # 3119918000
The perfect pair with a Legend series over-balanced first stage, this pneumatically balanced second stage gives you control and comfortable air flow to explore at depth.

The Aqua Lung Legend Octopus delivers optimal underwater performance with an over-balanced first stage. Made with a bright yellow design for high-visibility in the water, this second stage features a Venturi Adjustment Switch to give you control over the free-flow of air when not in use. Designed for cold water conditions, the heat-exchanging valve delivers high performance in subaquatic exploration.

  • Compact design
  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage
  • 39 Hose
  • Bright yellow cover and hose for high-visibility
  • Venturi Adjustment Switch to block air free flow
  • Heat exchanger around valve
  • Complements Legend Series over-balanced regulators
  • Suitable for cold waters

Item No. 3119918

Price $235.00