Intova Stay Slim & Flex Arm Camera & Light Mount
Intova Stay Slim & Flex Arm Camera & Light Mount
Item # 3059337000
This universal kit consists of a universal base tray and an 11.8 flex arm for mounting an underwater camera and one of various lighting accessories such as an underwater strobe or focus light.

Inotva Stay Slim with Flex Arm:  Simple and Universal, the SSFL Kit consists of a base stay with standard tripod screw and a 30 cm (11.8 inch) flex arm for mounting strobes or video lights to an underwater camera housing. The tripod screw is adjustable and will fit virtually all housings using a tripod screw mount system. The versatile flex arm allows full range flexibility for variable lighting angles

  • Universal Base - accomodates most point & shoot underwater housings
  • Standard 1/4 Tripod Thread for mounting the housing FA30 Flex Arm for mounting of lighting accessories.

Item No. 3059337

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