Aqua Lung Look 2 Mask - Black / Blue
Aqua Lung Look 2 Mask - Black / Blue
Item # 3067983000
With a two-lens design for optimal visibility and prescription accommodation, this mask ensures the underwater sights are always spotless.

The Look 2 mask from Aqua Lung allows exploration with ease with a high-cut frame for an unhindered view. A wide headpiece supported with silicone band allows for optimal comfort and customization. The Look 2 mask's convenient lens substitution supports a variety of diopter lenses while Cardanic Joint Buckles allow for secure coverage.

  • High-cut frame design for superb field of vision
  • Two-lens design accommodates various diopter lenses
  • Wide headpiece and silicone strap provide a snug fit
  • Lens replacement system for quick substitution
  • Silicone LSR with Cardanic Joint Buckles
  • Weight: 185 g

Item No. 3067983

Price $85.00