Aqua Lung Airsource 3,QD,Complete Regulator
Aqua Lung Airsource 3,QD,Complete Regulator
Item # 3091859000
High-performance Octo Regulator with a power inflator

The Airsource combines a high-performance second stage with a power inflator. By eliminating the need for a traditional octopus, the diver can streamline their entire system while keeping their alternate airsource safely in front of them and ready at a moments notice.

  • Quick Disconnect option allows for the addition of an in-line sonic alert device (sold separately)
  • Pneumatic balancing for great performance
  • Detachable “Trim Grip”™ in the middle of the corrugated hose
  • Soft-touch purge cover
  • Low profile rapid-exhaust valve is activated by pulling on the Trip Grip of the lower unit
  • Corrugated hose has clips and recessed areas to accommodate the MP hose

Item No. 3091859

Price $235.00