Aqua Lung Titan Regulator
Aqua Lung Titan Regulator
Item # 3155923000
Lightweight and easy to use, this regulator is equipped with a Comfo-bite mouth-piece and balanced diaphragm for comfortable breathing at an affordable price.

Designed with a compact first stage, the Aqua Lung Titan Regulator has a balanced diaphragm and Air Turbo System for smooth and easy breathing. The mid-sized demand valve second stage comes with a Venturi Adjustment Switch to control freeflow by the user, while the Comfo-Bite mouth-piece reduces soreness and fatigue in the jaw. Finished with a protective outer skin, this Aqua Lung regulator has a feature-rich construction that's made for easy, comfortable and high-performance dives.

  • Balanced first stage with stylish and protective outer skin
  • Air Turbo System for easy breathing
  • 1 High-pressure and 4 low-pressure ports
  • Mid-sized demand valve second stage
  • Venturi Adjustment Switch (VAS)
  • Comfo-Bite mouth-piece reduces jaw fatigue
  • Can be reconfigured from right-handed to left-handed by an authorized Aqua Lung dealer

Item No. 3155923

Price $365.00