Apeks XTX200 Yoke Regulator
Apeks XTX200 Yoke Regulator
Item # 3156888000
Suitable for warm and cold waters, this yoke regulator delivers style, precision and high performance for the ultimate piece of diving gear.

Designed with an over-balanced first stage, the Apeks XTX200 Yoke Regulator offers easy breathing even in changing pressure situations. The environmentally dry sealed system allows for warm or cold water diving, while the antibacterial protection kills germs, yeast and fungi. The pneumatically-balanced second stage comes with the Diver Changeable Exhaust Tees - divers can choose the large exhaust for increased bubble dispersion, or simply use the smaller compact exhaust tee. Featuring ergonomic cracking resistance control and Venturi adjustment, this yoke regulator gives you precise control over your dive performance every time.

  • Compact over-balanced first stage for easy breathing
  • Environmentally dry sealed system for cold and warm water use
  • 4 Angled medium-pressure ports and 2 angled high-pressure ports
  • Adjustable cracking control
  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage with micro adjuster and antibacterial protection
  • Can be reconfigured from right-handed to left-handed by an authorized APEKS Service Technician
  • Diver-controlled venture lever prevents unwanted free flow
  • Changeable exhaust tees large and small sizes included
  • Optional extra hose swivel connection
  • Metal-insert front cover
  • Polished chrome finish

Item No. 3156888

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