Aqua Lung Legend LX Yoke - Twilight
Aqua Lung Legend LX Yoke - Twilight
Item # 3156895000
Customized for female divers, this sleek yoke regulator features a smaller Comfo-bite mouth-piece and detachable silicone bridge for the ultimate comfortable dive.

The Aqua Lung Legend LX Twilight regulator has an over-balanced first stage to reach new depths comfortably, while the environmental dry system filters contaminants and prevents icing. The Auto-Closure Device keeps water out of the first stage, which saves the lubrication and ensures safety at higher level of oxygen. Made for smooth and easy breathing, the pneumatically-balanced second stage comes with a feminine Comfo-bitemouth-piece to minimize discomfort in the jaw, while the ergonomic exhaust tee disperses bubbles out of sight. This high-performance regulator features the Master Breathing System to control the air direction and opening effort, all with one simple control.

  • Over-balanced first stage for deep exploration
  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage with innovative heat-exchanging technology
  • Master Breathing System controls the direction of air flow and opening effort with one control
  • Auto-Closure Device prevents water corrosion
  • Comfo-bitemouth-piece designed for a woman's jaw
  • Environmental dry system to filter contaminants and prevent icing
  • Work of breathing score: avg. o.65 joules/liter
  • Weight: 882 g (first stage); 200 g (second stage)
  • Length: 74.7 mm (first stage)
  • Diameter: 6.57 cm (second stage)

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