Aqua Lung SideDraft Flex Snorkel - Black
Aqua Lung SideDraft Flex Snorkel - Black
Item # 0517151015
Built in a streamlined design for enhanced air efficiency, it's no surprise that this flex snorkel is a popular choice amongst serious divers.

Complete with large reservoir base to keep water out of your breathing path, the Aqua Lung SideDraft Flex Snorkel combines comfort with simple efficiency. The splashguard further reduces the chances of unwanted water in your mouth, while the specialized air vent allows for superior clearing function.

  • Streamlined oval tube
  • Enhanced air efficiency
  • Large reservoir base
  • Keeps water away from breathing path
  • Splashguard
  • Specialized air vent
  • Reservoir clears with a simple puff of air

Item No. 0517151

Price $33.00